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Lunar Zodiacs NZY

5208 Collectible Zodiac Animals

Collect a Full Set of Zodiac Animals

  • 12 complete sets of zodiac animals in the collection
  • Each set consists of a 12-year cycle & a color scheme
  • Collect a complete set or collect according to your birthday and family members' birthdays

Mint Details

February 28th 2023 Update:

  • Mint Price: 0.001 eth (Believe in 0.001)
  • Once 1500 NFTs have been minted, a Pixelated NFT will be given away
  • Once the collection mints out (5208 NFTs total), the golden On Chain Kevin will be given away to a minter
    • Token IDs 1202 - 5207 are eligible for the gold OCK giveaway

Below is the Original Mint Info

  • Every whitelisted wallet can mint 1 for free, and each additional NFT will be 0.008 eth
  • Max mint 12 per wallet
  • Partnered NFT project holders can max mint for free
    • Pixelated Galaxy Alliance holders
    • Apocalyptic Queen Apes with "Soldered NZY" traits
    • OnChain Kevin Holders
  • As of 02/05/2023, following a Twitter vote, the mint price is 0.001 eth

Hidden Secrets

Translations will be provided soon...

No Roadmap

This is a fun mint to collect zodiac animal NFTs. There will not be a dedicated Twitter account. Please follow @notzeroyet for updates. CareBuds is mainly used for docs. Please do not mint if you expect monetary compensation. This is not an investment. The NFT collection aims to promote the Not Zero Yet online store.

"Utilities" lol

  • Free shipping for all NZY Zodiacs holders in the Not Zero Yet Custom NFT Merch Store​
  • Full Set Zodiac NFT Collectors will be able to customize their own Crayon Brothers Skate Parks
    • 12 Crayon Brothers Skate Parks Reserved Spots for Lunar Zodiacs NZY full set collectors.
      • A complete set of zodiac animals consists of 12 animals within a specific 12 year cycle, ie, 1912-23, 2044-255.
        • Once a holder has completed a full set, please get in touch with CareBuds or NZY for verification.
        • Holders who complete the 2020-2031 and 2044-2055 can choose a customization upgrade, such as gold-colored features, different colors, etc. Once a customization upgrade has been claimed, it cannot be used again.