CareBuds Finance

CareBuds Finance Intro

We Aim to Empower & Unite Web3 Communities & We Kinda Like 420

CareBuds Network

  • NFT Partnership - NFT Stories | Storytellers' NFT IP Rental
  • Embark - Web3 Freelance Networking Exchange
  • CareBuds Media - NFT Project Reviews & Web3 Publications
  • CannaBuds - Safe Network Forum for Cannabis Enthusiasts and Local Businesses to Connect
    • Private Boardroom Access Site for 420-Friendly Business Networking
      • Monthly Private Group Coaching Sessions for Small Businesses
      • Monthly Private Group Coaching Sessions for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • 420 Token - A crypto token that was created by pure accident and turned into a great story
  • Buds - A deflationary crypto token that was created to reward CareBuds supporters

BEP20 Tokens on Binance Smart Chain

We're the home to several crypto projects, and we will be adding more in the future!
  • Both 420 Tokens and Buds will be used as utility tokens for our networking platforms, Embark Freelance Exchange, and CannaBuds Boardroom. Our tokens can also be used to purchase access pass NFTs at a discounted price.
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